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How To Troubleshoot Your Computer Speaker System

If your speakers are not producing sound, there is a great chance that the fix is simple. High quality speakers are built to last. Therefore the chance of failure is low unless the speakers are extremely old, at which time replacement will likely be necessary.

To troubleshoot your speakers, check for the following:

Loose of unhooked connections are the most common problem with speakers. If the speakers are moved or shifted, connections can come undone. Trace each connecting line to see if any have become loose or are no longer connected.

If all connections seem to be fine, check to ensure that each is connected correctly. Mix-ups with the line in and line out connections are common. Another possibility is that the mute functionality is in effect. Make sure that the mute function has not been activated.

Should you suspect that the stereo is the problem, hook a speaker to an alternate stereo or television that has speaker outputs. This will quickly tell you whether or not the speakers or the system is causing the problem.

Modern computers have many volume functions. Access the audio controls to see if any settings have been changed. Test the system using different music products such as regular CD's or CD's that contain MP3 media files. The problem could be with the ability of the system to read certain media types.

If none of these steps fix the problem, venture into the system properties and access your sound card. A sound card that is not installed properly can cause major problems. New drivers may also need to be installed. In Windows based systems a yellow exclamation mark next to the sound card icon will alert you to problems. Windows contains its own help system and this system should be used to get to the root of the issue.

Faulty, inexpensive computer speakers that have failed should be replaced. Higher quality computer speakers should be taken to a technician to see if they can be repaired. Speakers are not overly complicated. Therefore, there is an excellent chance that they can be repaired and restored to fine working condition.

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