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A Guide to Choosing the Right Rear Speakers - Subwoofers

A lot of people are of the opinion that a stereo system isn’t complete without rear speakers like subwoofers. And this is true too, because having them definitely brings in a difference in the sound produced by the stereo system. Actually, a subwoofer is a device which is used for producing the lowest frequencies of sound.

Some of the subwoofers in the market these days are more active and powerful than others. You can tell that it is powerful by seeing whether it has a plug or not. You can use a subwoofer for many reasons, be it for acoustic suspension or band pass types or bass reflex or infinite baffle. Having a subwoofer is great because it provides high level and low bass frequencies playback for the main speakers.

Before you purchase a rear speaker like a subwoofer you need to determine how much power you desire. If the room where you are placing the music system is very big then you’ll definitely require a subwoofer which has powerful built-in amplifiers, this way you’ll get plenty of base. Remember that a big driver will have a deep base; hence you should purchase subwoofers which come with a ten or twelve inch woofer cone.

Most of them have a single cone which can move back and forth in order to create low frequency sound waves and these cones can be mounted in two ways: front firing way, i.e. towards the side of the subwoofer’s cabinet or down firing, i.e. towards the cabinet’s base. Depending on one’s personal taste and preference, one can choose between subwoofers which are front firing or down firing because there isn’t much difference between the two, they are both equally good.

So if you want more power in your music and better kick then it is high time you consider getting a good subwoofer because these can do wonders for your music system!

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